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MiteBlock Kosedyr Kanin, Rosa

50% Rabatt

Tilbudet slutter 30.12.2025

Vennligst velg

Halv pris på allergivennlige kosedyr!

Kosedyrene er laget i allergentett materiale (Evolon) og man unngår dermed kontakt med midd og allergener som er inni kosedyret.

Middtrekk virkemåte MiteBlock                   

Kosedyrene kommer som elefant, kanin og som lam kosklut.





MiteBlock middtrekk produsereres av sertifisert Evolon-stoff:


Evolon® microfilament fabrics have been granted the Oeko-Tex mark (standard 100, product class I). This certifies that they are free of harmful substances and suitable for contact with baby skin.

Find out more about Oeko-Tex

          Økotex                 Ecarf Evolon

ECARF: Evolon® for dust-mite-proof bedding

Evolon® has been awarded the independent quality seal of the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). This aims to help allergy sufferers to choose appropriate goods and services by certifying the quality of products as well as services according to strict standards.

Find out more about the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation


Anti-mite encasings

Evolon®: a revolutionary fabric for dust mite allergy sufferers


For dust-mite-proof mattress, pillow and comforter encasings

Dust-mite-proof encasings made from Evolon® microfilament fabric are comfortable, breathable and anti-allergenic.

  • The microfilament structure provides a perfect durable protective barrier against dust mite allergens. The protection lasts and lasts, wash after wash.
  • Because the fabric is not coated, encasings are rustle-free, very comfortable, breathable and soft, with no “ plastic” feeling.
  • No chemical post-treatments, which could affect health and lose their effectiveness after a few washes

Evolon® microfilament fabric is the best protection against dust mite allergens and has been proven to meet the toughest requirements.

New! Antimite encasings can also be made of our special Evolon® New Generation. This product meets the criteria of the ECO-CHECK as defined by Freudenberg Performance Materials.


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