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MiteBlock bedcovers on pillows, duvets and matress reduces contact with dust mites and allergens. The covers prevent mites to keep growing inside your bed. MiteBlock is made of a skin neutral  non woven fabric without chemicals. The fibers shuts out particles as small as 0,001 mm. Air and moisture can still circle free.

Dust Mites and allergies  Source: Astma og allergiforbundet

Mites are 0.2 to 0.3 mm in length, have eight legs and are most closely related to spiders and ticks.


Apart from the fact they easily cause allergies, they are non-hazardous to humans. They do not bite and are not vectors of any kind of infection. They live on skin flakes from people and animals and some species also live on flour dust. A mite has a lifespan of only one month, however the female lays 20-30 eggs at a time, and therefore reproduction may result in large numbers of mites when conditions in the indoor environment are optimum. In Norway the prevalence of mites is highest from November to February, in other words the season during which we spend most time indoors. Mites, as well as keeping domestic animals, are the most important cause of allergic symptoms outside the pollen season.

Who gets mite allergy?
At particular risk are those individuals (especially children) with so-called atopic disease – or with a family history of atopic disease (atopic eczema, hay fever, allergic asthma) and who are exposed to large numbers of mites in the home.
What are the symptoms of mite allergy?
Such allergies often lead to asthma and/or significant problems involving a blocked or runny nose. Allergic eye reactions and some instances of atopic eczema may also be exacerbated by allergy to house-dust mites. Children are particularly vulnerable. If the allergy is left untreated, the mucosa of the eyes, mouth airways and bronchi will become hyper-irritable. This will trigger symptoms, exacerbated by a variety of dusts and odours (irritants).
Rebate for dust mite covers:
For children and young people under the age of 16 years with documented mite allergy, a one-off payment can be granted to cover costs for mattress and pillow dust mite covers. The costs can be covered completely with a contribution of up to NOK 1624 (including VAT) for mattress dust mite cover and pillow dust mite cover. These aids should be prescribed by a specialist and the cost paid in advance. Documentation of proven mite allergy and receipt of purchase are to be sent to the national insurance office for refunding. The effects of measures against house dust mites take time to appear (and are not one hundred percent effective). Nevertheless, it would be wrong to believe that medication can replace actions against mite allergy and the two forms of treatment should be combined.


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